NAO the Robot

NOX the Robot

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NAO the Robot

The humanoid high-tech robot –
Offer your guests something unique

NAO is a 60 cm large, humanoid robot, which has its own charm.

Its 25 degrees of freedom enable him to perform precise movements of a man’s hands. Integrated loudspeakers and a speech recognition allows the 5 kg robot to communicate and interact with the audience in 19 languages. Singing and dancing, he entertaines the guests, he also likes to present products, he is an eye-catcher and visitor magnet and can be experienced in the process of digitization.

The small robot was brought to the team as a supplement to NOX the Robot. At various events, especially in the medical and cosmetics sector, the question frequently arises of a small robot, which corresponds to the product and company.

With NAO in our team we now have the possibility to offer you different robots and to use them according to your requirements.

Thanks to the possibility to program the fascinating robot individually, you have almost unlimited presentation and communication possibilities:

Whether it is product presentation or entertainment, NAO appeals to both families and businessmen, attracting both young and old. Its you ahead of your competitors and present your products forward-looking.


The visitor magnet for your exhibition appearance

To present their own products as much as possible to customers, to visualize services and to make innovation and digitalisation possible; A challenge that many companies are facing and which NAO offers the best solution.

The small robot presents your latest products on a luminous platform, makes advertising for your company in a unique way and draws visitors to the stand.
Six shows spread over the day as well as visitor interactions between the shows make your stand an absolute highlight of the fair.


Put your company in the center!
We work out an individual program for your trade fair presence:

1. The humanoid robot presents on a luminous platform the highlights and latest products of your company

2. You specify the text, we program NAO

3. Your logo on a screen directly behind NAO and thus on every guest photo

4. He welcomes and welcomes guests in different languages


The moderator at your congress

Already at the entrance to your event location NAO receives the guests and greets them with a text you specify. At the start of the event, the small robot, together with the moderator, enters the stage to open the congress and to assist them on stage.
During the coffee breaks, NAO maintains the guests with their dances and the interaction they have set up, and passes the participants at the end of the event.

Design your congresses varied and unique. Let digitalization become a reality


Decide it!
We work out an individual program for your congress:

1. NAO presents your company in an unprecedented way

2. As a special guest, he welcomes your guests at the entrance of your location

3. Whether monologue or dialogue, the programming is customized to suit you

4. Your logo on your screen directly behind NAO and thus on every guest photo


The highlight on your event

Whether as a small entertainer or technology expert, NAO makes your event unforgettable and enchants young and old with its own charm.
Dancing, he brings the visitors to laugh and interacts and communicates on your event with his childlike cute way in an incomparable way.

Innovation and digitization – live, to touch.


Create your own highlight!

1. NAO maintains your guests in a unique way

2. Individual programming according to your wishes

3. Your logo on a screen behind NAO and thus on every guest photo

4. A photo shoot at the end of each show provides an incomparable viral marketing effect