PEPPER the Robot

NOX the Robot


PEPPER the Robot

The humanoid high-tech robot –
Offer your guests something unique

As the world’s first humanoid robot, Pepper is able to recognize emotions and to enter into its counterpart. Its 20 engines and 3 wheels, which can be moved on all sides, not only allow it to move freely through 360°, but is also another great step in the precise imitation of human movements. 4-way microphones and loudspeakers allow the 1.20 m robot to recognize the voices and offer individual communication and interaction possibilities. Its battery system lasts up to 12 hours. On his breast-mounted tablet, applications and interaction options can be placed as well as settings can be made.

Designed to be a personal companion, Pepper will be mainly used for companies and businesses.

And how would you use Pepper?

Individual programming possibilities offer almost unlimited possibilities of use.

Guide, product supporter, assistant, entertainer, eyecatcher or presenter – Pepper is versatile and guarantees a highlight for your customers and guests.


The entertainer for your events

Entertain guests and attract visitors. Advise for digitization 4.0 and be a pioneer in robotics.

Pepper not only offers a variety of possibilities for use and communication, but is also a companion of a special kind. Thanks to its sensors, Pepper can perceive people around him and is able to recognize emotions by means of the voice and mimicry. He makes people aware of his surroundings, entertaining visitors with his dances, offers various interaction possibilities for young and old, and responds to your guests’ questions.


Decide it!
We work out an individual program for your brand:

1. Make digitization more tangible for your customers

2. Entertain your guests in a unique way

3. You enter and Pepper leads out

4. Rise to your customers and create a viral and emotional marketing of a special kind


Your support for company and product presentations

Your latest products should be presented to the customer and forward-looking, and you want to increase the attention of customers and the media?

Present your company, your brand and your products in a forward-looking way and with an incomparable medium. Pepper is not only an eye-catcher and visitor magnet, but also an individual consultant and assistant. For example, it is possible for the robot to recommend a product specifically to the customer based on individual wishes and preferences. Whether at trade fairs, congresses or in your stores, Pepper gives you the opportunity to present and present your products in a unique way.


Decide it!
We work out an individual program for your brand:

1. Create an innovative image

2. Strengthen your brand awareness

3. Present your products innovative and unique

4. Be ahead of your competitors


Assistant and information source at your congress

Digitization is also a topic at your congress?

Let digitization become tangible and tangible, giving your employees, customers and guests a unique insight into the topic of digitization and robotics.

Pepper will welcome your guests, guide them and inform them about the day’s work. Its WiFi connection allows it to be up-to-date and always keep the latest data, e.g. Weather reports for you and your congress participants ready to hold. Explain your customers’ digitization to an unforgettable whiteness and make the next step towards the future.


Create your own highlight!

We’ll help you:

1. Pepper will help you and your employees during the event and will provide your guests with the answers

2. Your logo, always present on Peppers Tablet

3. It welcomes and welcomes your guests in different languages

4. You want us to program

Pepper – versatile and always worth a second glance.